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What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Plenty of Fish Sextortion Scam

What to Do If You Are the Victim of a Plenty of Fish Sextortion Scam


Dating sites, like Plenty of Fish (, have become well known favorable places for sextortionists, blackmailers, and others with vile expectations — and that implies you ought to be wary of possible tricksters. On the off chance that you are the objective of sextortion on Plenty of Fish (POF), we suggest making the accompanying moves straightaway:

Try not to overreact,
1. Shut down all correspondence with the sextortionist and don’t yield to their requests,
2.l Safeguard all proof of the sextortion endeavor, including the sextortionist’s POF profile,
3. Set your virtual entertainment in general and dating profiles to private and block the sextortionist,
4. Report the trick to Plenty of Fish by tapping the three dabs at the highest point of the sextortionists profile and choosing ‘Report Profile’, finishing up their contact structure, or messaging [email protected],
5. Report the trick to the appropriate policing and cybercrimes organizations, for example, the Internet Crimes Complaint Center (IC3), and
6. Talk with an accomplished web sextortion lawyer.

Being designated by a sextortionist on Plenty of Fish can be overpowering and segregating. At New Tech, we have experienced coercion in the entirety of its structures, and we can take the weight of answering the sextortionist off your shoulders. We can shape a successful reaction intend to recognize culprits, work with you to report their violations to the stage and proper specialists, and end the assaults as fast and discreetly as could really be expected.

In this article, we make sense of what sextortion is and the way that it ordinarily happens on dating sites. Then, at that point, we offer you significant guidance for answering a sextortion endeavor on Plenty of Fish.

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What is Sextortion?

The expanded fame of web based dating and virtual entertainment has made sextortion bloom somewhat recently. Presently, sextortion is a staggering and boundless practice on dating sites and over web-based entertainment.

In this segment, we characterize sextortion and how to recognize it.

What is Sextortion and Who is Affected By It?
Like its parent term “coercion,” sextortion (short for sexual blackmail) is a serious wrongdoing. A sextortionist takes steps to distribute or share unequivocal material about you on the off chance that you don’t do what they need — generally paying cash, sending express pictures, or performing sexual blessings.

Sextortion is likewise alluded to as:

  1. Online sextortion,
  2. Web sextortion,
  3. Webcam shakedown,
  4. Online blackmail,
  5. Web extortion,
  6. Online badgering,
  7. Blackmail, and
  8. Digital badgering.

Who Are the Predators Typically Behind Sextortion and How Do They Find Their Victims?

Not at all like different types of blackmail, the commonplace culprit of sextortion is on the opposite side of the world from their casualty. At New Tech, we have found that most sextortion tricksters work out of the accompanying nations:

  1. The Philippines,
  2. Morocco,\
  3. The United States.
  4. Côte d’Ivoire (The Ivory Coast),
  5. Ukraine, and
  6. Mexico.

Sextortionists for the most part find casualties by means of online entertainment sites, dating sites and applications, and email phishing tricks.

For additional perusing on sextortionists found abroad, make a point to peruse our extensive aide clearing up how for battle Philippine sextortion tricks.

How Does Sextortion Differ From Other Forms of Extortion?

Sextortion is a subcategory of coercion. Coercion is a more extensive term that includes taking steps to uncover humiliating or harming content. What makes sextortion novel is that it includes a danger to uncover personal or sexual substance on the off chance that the culprit’s requests are not met.

In any case, not all sextortionists utilize physically realistic photographs or recordings to coerce their casualties. A few culprits use something as minor as a coy text string, which would in any case be compromising to a casualty in a monogamous relationship.

For what reason Should You Be Concerned About Sextortion?

Sextortion is a serious wrongdoing with the possibility to cause disastrous impacts in the casualty’s life — particularly on the off chance that not took care of rapidly and successfully.

Casualties who are overpowered with dread and shame might make rash moves out of frenzy, such as discharging their reserve funds to take care of the sextortionist. Activities like these can make monetary ruin while bombing stop the badgering.

The Prevalence of Sextortion Scams Online

Sadly, sextortion is a developing pattern. In the main portion of 2021 alone, the International Crime Complaint Center (IC3) detailed getting more than 16,000 sextortion objections, 1 with misfortunes surpassing $8 million.

This number addresses 66% of the sentiment trick reports in the earlier year alone.

Instructions to Spot Sextortion Scams on Plenty of Fish

It tends to be hard to distinguish an expected sextortionist on Plenty of Fish — yet on the off chance that you look carefully, you might have the option to get on a couple of warnings. Underneath, we investigate the most widely recognized indications of a Plenty of Fish sextortion trick and the manners in which your profile might make you more helpless.

How Could Your Dating Profile Photos Give Away Sensitive Info?

A potential sentiment trickster might have the option to gather a ton of valuable data about you by simply surveying your dating profile. They might have the option to acquire your trust through learning enough about you to build a phony persona that they realize you will be attracted to. Such data can include:

Your name, age, and general area, which can assist them with doing a more extensive web look for data about you;
Individual data about you including your inclinations and side interests, the names and types of your pets, and whether you are a parent;
Your occupation, instructive foundation, and monetary status — particularly in the event that you post pictures showing an extravagant way of life;
Your sexual inclinations, which might be utilized against you — for instance, assuming you are important for the LGBTQ+ people group and have not come out freely;
Pictures and recordings of you; and
Whether you are in a close to home or weak state, for example, being recently single or separated.
We suggest excluding or clouding however much of the above data as could be expected on your dating profiles. For example, you can decide to conceal your keep going name on your public profile, which safeguards your security.

What Are the Telltale Signs You Are Communicating With a POF Sextortionist?

Sextortion tricksters on dating and virtual entertainment applications will more often than not follow an example. The greater part of them have a similar objective — to persuade you to uncover express happy they can save and use to coerce you later — and many work from abroad.

Consequently, you can for the most part utilize the accompanying warnings to recognize a sextortionist of Plenty of Fish:

They Seem Too Good to Be True
Does the profile being referred to appear to be great, with appealing photographs and nonexclusive profile data? It is simple for tricksters to make totally manufactured accounts, so think about all that you see on dating applications while considering other factors.

One method for testing the realness of dating application profiles is to direct converse picture look on their photographs. Many dating application tricksters take photographs from other genuine records, stock photograph destinations, or different sites.

Their Messages Seem to Be Translated From Another Language
Numerous sextortionists work beyond the U.S. also, English isn’t their most memorable language. Some depend on basic interpretation applications to address their casualties, so on the off chance that their messages appear to be deciphered, prearranged, or generally hard to comprehend, this might be a warning.

Their Messages Are Overtly Sexual or Flirty From the Start
Might it be said that they are moving rapidly from initial messages to coy or sexual discussions? Recall that sextortionists attempt to fool you into sending them express satisfied that they can use to blackmail you, so it’s a good idea that they would attempt to get straight to the point quickly.

They Try to Move Your Conversation from POF to Another App
A lot of Fish is an extraordinary spot for sextortionists to track down casualties, however it isn’t the most ideal mechanism for their sextortion plans. Numerous tricksters recommend moving the discussion away from Plenty of Fish to another, better-scrambled application like WhatsApp or Skype.

They generally recommend a video call with the commitment of uncovering themselves in the event that you do as well. They frequently play taken or pre-recorded recordings to quiet you into a misguided feeling of safety. Toward the finish of the call, they illuminate you that they have recorded the association and will send the video to your loved ones except if you pay them.

How Do You Spot Sextortion Scams on Plenty of Fish?

A sextortion trick on Plenty of Fish normally can be categorized as one of two normal situations.

Most often, the con artist persuades their casualties to send compromising substance. The trickster then, at that point, takes steps to distribute that substance on the off chance that the casualty doesn’t pay a payoff. In the other normal situation, the trickster asserts that the casualty sent unequivocal substance to an underage beneficiary.

Standard Sextortion Scenario

Similar as sextortion via web-based entertainment stages, the most well-known sextortion situation on Plenty of Fish begins with an alluring (yet phony) profile. The sextortionist begins a confidential message with their casualty, rapidly moving into discussions of a coquettish and sexual nature. They in the end quiet their casualty into sending compromising messages, pictures, and additionally recordings.

In the wake of recording that material, the con artist takes steps to deliver that compromising data to the casualty’s loved ones — or simply distribute the substance on the web — except if the casualty fulfills their needs.

The Underage Scam

This situation starts similar as the standard situation above. Yet, when the casualty has sent express pictures or messages, the trickster guarantees that the casualty was collaborating with a minor, then, at that point, takes steps to carry the case to the police in the event that the casualty doesn’t pay.

Beginning around 2020, The Daily Scam has gathered declaration from a few survivors of “underage young lady sext” tricks. In these casualties’ encounters, the trickster called professing to be a furious dad and requested cash for his little girl’s treatment. 2 If their message was disregarded, the trickster frequently called again in the pretense of a private

What Steps Should You Take to Protect Yourself From POF Sextortion Scams?

No one is immune from being targeted by scammers on Plenty of Fish and other dating sites. If you are active on the platform, you may be approached by a sextortionist who attempts to trick you into revealing explicit content.

To protect yourself as much as possible, remember the following tips:

  • Be wary of new connections online;
  • Do not interact with online strangers while in a vulnerable emotional state—such as after a messy breakup or after a few drinks;
  • Do not be too willing to move conversations away from Plenty of Fish;
  • Avoid sending intimate images or videos of yourself; and
  • Trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is.

Steps to Take if You Are a Victim of Sextortion on Plenty of Fish

When you are the victim of a sextortionist, it can be stressful, humiliating, and hard to know where to turn. In this section, we explain what to do (and what NOT to do) if you are being targeted by a scammer on Plenty of Fish.

What Should You Avoid Doing if You Have Been the Victim of Sextortion on POF?

There are a few reactions that may feel natural or logical, but that you should avoid at all costs, including:

  • Acting out of panic,
  • Communicating with the sextortionist,
  • Giving in to the scammer’s demands, and
  • Doing “damage control” by releasing the compromising content yourself.

1. Acting Out of Panic

It is completely natural to be alarmed by a sextortion attempt. These scams are often successful because victims panic and immediately give in to the perpetrator’s demands out of fear. Instead, take a deep breath and consider all of your options.

2. Communicating With the Sextortionist

It may feel counterintuitive, but you should cut off all engagement with the perpetrator. The more you communicate with them and reply to their threats, the more they will pester you.

3. Giving in to the Scammer’s Demands

When a scammer threatens you with catastrophic consequences if you do not pay them, you may feel backed into a corner. It can feel like the only way out is to give in to the sextortionist’s demands—but that is not the case.

In fact, meeting their demands only shows that you can be manipulated. There is no guarantee paying them once will make the problem go away. And the more money or sexual images you give them, the more tangled in their web you become.

4. Doing “Damage Control” Unless Absolutely Necessary

Because the scammer is threatening to release compromising images of you to your family and friends, you may want to mitigate the damage by giving them your version of the story first. But in many sextortion cases, the perpetrator never follows through on their threats.

In other cases, you may be able to resolve the situation before the sextortionist releases the images—especially if you have an attorney’s help. So preemptively doing “damage control” may be unnecessary.

For further information on sextortionists and how they behave, we recommend reading our comprehensive guide answering a common question we receive, ‘Do sextortionists follow through?’

What Steps Should You Take if You Are the Target of POF Sextortion?

While there are actions you should not take when responding to a sextortionist, you should take a few steps immediately to stop the harasser and mitigate the damage they cause. We recommend taking the following actions as quickly as possible:

Preserve All Evidence & Profiles

First, save documentation of all communication you have had with the scammer. Take screenshots of their Plenty of Fish profile, messages they sent you, and any other proof you have of the sextortion attempt.

You may be tempted to edit out the more embarrassing messages, but resist this urge. Documenting the encounter as thoroughly as possible will increase the chances that an attorney or law enforcement agency resolves the situation effectively.

Set All of Your Social Media Accounts to Private

As soon as you receive threatening messages online, it is always best to lock down all of your online profiles. This includes maximizing the privacy settings on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The less information about you that is publicly available, like your contact information and social circle, the harder it will be for scammers to harass you.

You can also hide your Plenty of Fish account by navigating to your profile settings and selecting “Hide my profile.” This setting means your profile will no longer appear in other POF users’ search results—but keep in mind that this only works for users with whom you have not already communicated. 

If you have sent a message to a user, they can still send you messages even if your account is hidden. So, we also recommend blocking the sextortionist—but since blocking them will permanently delete the records of your messages, you should take thorough screenshots first.

You can block a user by:

  • Opening the conversation,
  • Clicking the three vertical dots on the top right of the screen, and
  • Selecting ‘Block This Person’ (on iOS) or ‘Block User’ (on Android) from the menu.

Report the Scam to POF

Sextortion is a violation of the Plenty of Fish terms of service.  You can report sextortion to the platform by:

  • Clicking on the three dots at the top of their profile, then
  • Selecting ‘Report Profile’ (on iOS), or
  • ‘Report User’ (on Android).

You can also report concerns about suspicious user behavior directly to Plenty of Fish by using their contact form  or emailing [email protected]

Report the Sextortionist to Cybercrime Agencies & Authorities

Since sextortion is a crime, you may also want to report the situation to a local or national agency that handles cybercrime. Such agencies include:

  • Your local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Field Office. You can contact the field office nearest to you,  call 1-800-CALL-FBI, or report it online at
  • Internet Crimes Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 is a division of the FBI dedicated to internet crimes. You can fill out a short form to make an IC3 complaint. 
  • Your local law enforcement. If you have reason to believe the perpetrator is in the U.S. and nearby, your local police may have a cyber crimes unit to help you. Or, for international crimes, your local law enforcement can report the case to INTERPOL for you.
  • National Center For Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). This agency is a nonprofit database, tipline, and resource center for missing and exploited children. If you or the sextortion victim is underage, you can make a report through their cyber tipline. 

Consult an Experienced Internet Sextortion Attorney

Sextortion is a serious crime that can cause great stress and anxiety. If you are being targeted and harassed by a sextortionist on Plenty of Fish, an experienced internet attorney can be an invaluable resource. They can give you seasoned, objective advice about your options and help you respond to the sextortion quickly and efficiently.

Will a Sextortionist on POF Know if I Reported Them?

If you make a report to Plenty of Fish about a sextortion attempt, you can rest assured that the perpetrator will not know who reported them. The platform keeps reports anonymous—and if they ban a user, the platform does not give them specific information about why they were banned.

How an Online Extortion Lawyer Can Help Victims Of Sextortion

If you are a victim of sextortion on Plenty of Fish, you should reach out to an experienced internet attorney immediately. Do not wait until you have already paid a ransom to reach out for help.

This section explains how an online extortion lawyer can help you, and how to find legal representation for your case.

How Can an Online Extortion Lawyer Help Victims of Sextortion?

Given the widespread prevalence and global nature of the internet, many internet sextortion scams originate overseas and affect parties located across international borders. This presents significant logistical challenges in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

An experienced online extortion attorney can be indispensable in difficult situations like these. They can provide objective legal advice and inform you of all your options.

For instance, your first instinct may be to contact law enforcement—but in some cases, you may not wish to make a public record of something you would rather keep private. An attorney can advise you on the next steps you should take to handle the sextortionist successfully.

Our experienced team at New Tech is well-versed in communicating with the perpetrator and putting a stop to threats. We know how to stop sensitive content from being published, report sextortionists to the appropriate platforms and authorities, and hold extortionists accountable for their actions.

We can also utilize online reputation management tactics to protect your reputation and monitor the web for future attacks.

How to Find Trustworthy & Experienced Sextortion Attorneys to Help With POF Sextortion

When beginning the search for a reliable sextortion attorney, you can narrow down your search by:

  • Asking your coworkers, friends, and family for personal recommendations,
  • Checking with your local bar association,
  • Conducting a Google search with keywords like “online sextortion lawyer + [your state]”, and
  • Searching legal databases like AvvoMartindale-Hubbell, and

To find the right fit for you, check their website to be sure they specialize in reputation management and online harassment law. Also, check their website for resources for dealing with online extortion, sextortion, and online harassment. Look for knowledgeable articles that demonstrate the attorney’s experience in handling cases like yours.

We Can Help Take Control of Plenty of Sextortion Scams

At New Tech, we have extensive experience taking control of communications with sextortionists on popular dating apps and social media websites.

We provide objective advice on how to effectively handle the situation without drawing unwanted attention to the matter, work with relevant platforms to swiftly report scammers, and in some cases, stop the release of intimate images and media. In cases where intimate images and videos are published to the internet, we can help remove them.


“I was blackamiled and threatened with vile intent. I was shocked and panicked. I needed soemone to help. I fortunately found Susan Jacobsen of New Tech. Susan was immediately responsive and calmly and empathetically explained the approach to take. I took her advice and engaged New Tech for back up. Not only was it great to get the right advice (do not engage, no not pay money etc) but having someone on my side made all the difference mentally. Touch wood, the matter has evaporated but having someone as professional as Susan enagaged gives me real peace of mind. I could not rate Susan and New Tech more highly.”


July 8, 2022

We offer paid sextortion consults with a New Law sextortion attorney for $500. To schedule your sextortion consultation, fill out our contact form, or speak with a Chat representative.

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