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Online Stalking & Internet Harassment

Online Stalking & Internet Harassment

“They were very understanding. They did not judge me and they were very helpful. It gave me peace of mind to have someone who I could turn too in a stressful situation.”
Jordan F., January 7, 2022

Need Help with Online Stalking & Internet Harassment?

Are you being terrorized online by an anonymous (or known) stalker or harasser and want to put an end to it as soon as possible?

Cyberstalking and internet harassment can uproot your life at the drop of a hat and have devastating effects on both your personal and professional life.

For years it has been widely believed that individuals have little if any options when victimized by internet stalkers, harassers, and bullies. This is no longer the case. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

New Tech possesses a full range of services and arsenal of legal tools and tactics to help individuals from all walks of life quickly stop online harassment and cyberstalking, identify and locate internet harassers, cyberstalkers, and cyberbullies, and hold perpetrators liable for their actions.

How We Approach Stalking & Internet Harassment Services

Our practice is dedicated to stopping cyberstalking and internet harassment as quickly as possible and holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

First and foremost, our goal is to stop online harassment and cyberstalking for good.

We then compile a portfolio of evidence (screenshots, message logs, downloaded files, and more) to build your case. After preserving critical evidence, we directly confront and locate online harassers and cyberstalkers.

In situations where the perpetrator is unknown, we leverage sophisticated investigative technology, coupled with legal techniques, to identify the anonymous and unidentifiable harassers and cyberstalkers.

Then, if appropriate, we file civil or criminal lawsuits against perpetrators to hold them accountable for their actions.

In cases where a crime has been committed, we work with local law enforcement to bring the perpetrating parties to justice under state-specific anti-bullying, stalking, and harassment laws.

What Can We Help You With?

Social Media Harassment

Stop social media harassment, fake profiles, and online abuse for good and make sure the perpetrator ceases their harassing behavior.

Internet Stalking

Put an immediate end to internet stalking, hold cyberstalkers liable for their actions, and make sure they cease their actions for good.

Anonymous Texts & Telephone Harassment

Identify anonymous telephone harassers, put an end to the harassing texts and calls for good, and hold them liable for their actions.

Orders of Protection

Empower victims of online stalking, blackmail, and internet harassment (including cyberbullying) to obtain Orders of Protection prohibiting online and real life abusers from contacting or going near them, and continuing their online abuse and attacks.

Online Impersonation & Deepfakes

Are you being impersonated online by an ex-spouse, friend, colleague, or unknown perpetrator? Is your picture being used to trick others into thinking a profile is actually you? Is your personal information and likeness being used without your consent? We remove fake profiles, deepfakes, and other false media from nearly every type of website.

Cancel Culture & Viral Attacks

If you are the target of the Me Too Movement, a social justice campaign, or other highly contentious social or political issue and facing a barrage of internet attacks and harassment, we can put an end to it today.

Privacy Intrusions

Has an unauthorized person gained access to your computer, email, photographs and videos? Has someone been electronically spying on you? We leverage our arsenal of investigative tools and tactics to put an end to internet privacy intrusions and attacks, mitigate damages caused by them, and prevent them from happening in the future.