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Internet Deformation

Internet Defamation Attorney Services

“New Tech and Dan Powell worked closely with us to get defamatory material removed from social media sites. We would not have been able to get this accomplished without them. They are true professionals, and have the resources and skills to guide clients through the process to a successful resolution.”

Jen Duncan, March 4, 2022

Need Help with Internet Defamation?

Are you the target of defamatory online posts and content, fake and malicious shaming reports, social media defamation, fabricated cheater accusations, or other false allegations, and you want to:

  • File an internet defamation lawsuit to hold perpetrators liable for their actions;
  • Remove defamatory and damaging internet content;
  • Identify anonymous perpetrators; and
  • Put an end to online attacks and abuse for good?

Defamatory attacks, posts, and content on the internet can have devastating effects on your life.

At New Tech, we understand how stressful these attacks can be and are well aware of the problems they can cause, including: severe financial damage and ruin, compromised professional opportunities, strained or severed relationships with friends and loved ones, and even physical symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

For years it has been widely believed that individuals have little (if any) options when victimized by defamatory and damaging content on the internet.

This is no longer the case. New Tech is here to help.

How We Approach Internet Defamation Services

With a practice dedicated solely to internet defamation, the team at New Tech can help you swiftly remove internet defamation, combat malicious internet attacks, and hold perpetrators liable for their actions.

First and foremost, our goal is to get the defamatory and damaging content removed.

Our internet defamation services eliminate and remove defamatory internet content as quickly and efficiently as possible, without drawing unwanted attention to it or worsening the situation. We can also file an internet defamation lawsuit, and leverage our arsenal of investigative tools and tactics to identify anonymous online perpetrators and hold them liable for their actions.

We pride ourselves on transparent, ethical, cost-effective internet defamation services, and do not take half measures or employ temporary fixes which cause more problems in the long-term.

As the nation’s #1 Internet Defamation Law Firm, our experience helps us to understand not just the legal nuances of each case, but also the private and personal nature of your distress.

As such, we will provide you with both aggressive representation and respectful and compassionate counsel.

What Can We Help You With?

Defamation Lawsuits

We file internet defamation lawsuits to secure court ordered content removals, hold perpetrators liable for their actions, put an end to related internet attacks, and recover monetary damages.

Social Media Defamation

Remove defamatory content and malicious posts about you from popular social media and professional networking websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and more.

Content Removal

We can remove almost anything and everything from the internet, including defamatory content and false allegations, images and videos, false and outdated news articles, mugshots and criminal records, and more.

Gossip & Shaming Websites

We are able to guarantee the removal of content for many online gossip and shaming websites, including TheDirty, ShesAHomewrecker, and PredatorAlerts.

Online Investigations

We leverage sophisticated investigative technology, coupled with legal techniques, to identify anonymous and unidentifiable internet perpetrators.