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About Us

Giving You Peace of Mind in a Digital World.

NewTechForensics provides a full range of services to help businesses of all sizes and individuals from all walks of life control their online reputation and image. At the same time, our attorneys help clients identify and stop anonymous cyber attacks. Regardless of the size or scope of the assault, the damage to a company’s finances and reputation may be catastrophic. Individuals face not only the financial burden from responding to one, but they also must deal with the negative personal consequences that impact their overall well-being and relationships.

The Best on Your Side

Our nationally recognized attorneys draw on their specialized technical and business experience to provide unique and cost-effective solutions pertaining to Internet defamation, cyberbullying and online harassment, revenge porn and privacy, online investigations, content removal, expert testimony, online reputation management and repair, and litigation.

New Tech firm is dedicated solely to Internet defamation matters, so our clients receive the most specialized and highly experienced representation from our team of attorneys and paralegals. Our primary goal is to put an end to these online situations as quickly as possible by removing and suppressing the damaging content, identifying the anonymous offenders, and obtaining compensation for damages and emotional distress.

Never Caught Off Guard

We actively stay up-to-date with the ever-changing trends, technologies and laws in order to provide the highest level of service. The experience we have gained from representing clients in hundreds of Internet defamation-related cases from around the world helps us to understand not just the legal nuances of each case, but also the private and intimate nature of our clients’ distress. As such, we provide each client with both aggressive representation and respectful and compassionate counsel.

We Have Experience

Our experienced team of litigators has a high success rate in winning motions, appeals, and temporary, preliminary and permanent restraining orders. We have a proven success record in securing favorable verdicts in jury and bench trials. We also work closely with our network of reputation management companies to give clients the option of ongoing Internet monitoring and protection from future attacks.

Whether a business or an individual, each client’s situation is unique. We work to resolve each case as quickly as possible, with a focus on sensitivity and compassion. Contact us for a free and confidential consultation.