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Need Help with Online Stalking & Internet Harassment?

Are you being terrorized online by an anonymous (or known) stalker or harasser and want to put an end to it as soon as possible?

Cyberstalking and internet harassment can uproot your life at the drop of a hat and have devastating effects on both your personal and professional life.

For years it has been widely believed that individuals have little if any options when victimized by internet stalkers, harassers, and bullies. This is no longer the case. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

Minc Law possesses a full range of services and arsenal of legal tools and tactics to help individuals from all walks of life quickly stop online harassment and cyberstalking, identify and locate internet harassers, cyberstalkers, and cyberbullies, and hold perpetrators liable for their actions.


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This is a very special law firm with a truly noble mission. It emerged because people, businesses, and organizations are being viciously hurt on the internet. It’s the only firm
of its kind and they are very effective.

Carmen Ellis

I was blackamiled and threatened with vile intent. I was shocked and panicked. I needed soemone to help. I fortunately found Susan Jacobsen of Mink. Susan was immediately responsive and calmly and empathetically explained the approach to take. I took her advice and engaged Mink for back up. Not only was it great to get the right advice (do not engage, no not pay money etc) but having someone on my side made all the difference mentally. Touch wood, the matter has evaporated but having someone as professional as Susan engaged gives me real peace of mind. I could not rate Susan and Mink more highly.


I am very satisfied with Susan Jacobsen’s performance. She addressed my concerns in a timely manner and was polite and professional throughout.


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